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Beenham Village Events

Beenham Village Events (BVE) is a community organisation constituted under the auspices of Beenham Parish Council for the purpose of organising social and fundraising events for the benefit of residents of the parish of Beenham. The group has helped to organise many popular Summer Festivals and village Christmas Tree celebrations.

Beenham events 2021
We are aiming to celebrate Beenham 2021 in a grand style – Covid 19 restrictions permitting of course!  These are the events currently planned - please continue to support them.  We are grateful to the villagers who are putting in a lot of effort to organise them.

Beenham Fun Day was held on Saturday 4 September and was a truly enjoyable event for all ages. There were a number of races, starting with a wheelbarrow race from The Six Bells to The Rec – with a pint of beer to be carried in the wheelbarrow. Did we anticipate that a wheelbarrow itself would be carried rather then pushed? Well, that was all part of the fun. We were very fortunate to have the Chair of West Berkshire Council, Mr Clive Hooker, in attendance – many thanks to him for his support. There was enthusiasm for the races with lots of competitive, friendly entries for traditional ‘egg and spoon’ and sack races. There are picture galleries here:
And a short movie on YouTube

The Tug of War may have been a bit one-sided (the East team was dismayed that the West team was twice as big) but that only added to the humour and the East team was a gallant loser! Beefburgers, Pims, cakes and tea were all thoroughly enjoyed.

A big thank you to Beenham Village Events who organised the afternoon and to everyone who worked hard to get everything ready and of course to all those who took part and made it so enjoyable.

Sunny Sunflowers are now putting a smile on our faces all around the village.
Well done to everyone who has helped to make our village so attractive.
Thank you to Greener Beenham for encouraging us with sunflower seeds
earlier in the year.

Here is a gallery of some of our sunflowers.

Beenham in Bloom
Thank you to everyone who took part in The Six Bells Beenham in Bloom 2021.  The tubs and baskets in all the categories, looked spectacular.
The Beenham Village Events team were delighted that so many people in the village walked around the village to admire the entries and vote for their favourites, between the Six Bells and BVE we had over 40 voting forms submitted.
The results are as follows – in reverse order, of course:

Adult section:
4th Place – 21 Stoneyfield
3rd Place – 15 Mount Pleasant
2nd Place - 1 Rose Cottages
1st Place – 29 Back Lane

Children’s section:
For the 0 – 6 age group:
3rd Place – Daniel Corbacz-Khan displayed at Beenham Primary School
2nd Place -  Sebastian of 3 Stocks Cottage
1st Place – Beenham Pre-school

For the 6 – 11 age group:
3rd place – Pot 2 (with sunflowers in the centre) displayed at Beenham Primary School
2nd Place – Adam Corbacz-Khan displayed at Beenham Primary School
1st  Place – Ava-Fae Cleaver of 29 Stoneyfield

Once again, many congratulations to the winners and a big thank you to everyone who entered or took part in voting.

We are intending to give out the prizes and make the presentations on 4th September, at the Family fun Day on the Rec.
Scarecrows 2021
Thank you so much to all concerned for making such wonderful scarecrows.

So many people have commented on how great they all are and it's been lovely seeing them as we walk round the village.

Needless to say it has been really hard judging them. We had a panel of 7 judges, ranging in age from primary school age to over 70, who went round individually and then the results were collated.So here they are:Highly commended - the Lort family, Webbs Lane
In equal 3rd place - The Apseys, Church View, Beenham Primary School and Braeburn Lodge
2nd place - the Cooke family, Farthings, The Green
1st place - the LeBlond family, Four KeepsMany congratulations to the winners and congratulations to everyone for contributing to the festival. There is a picture gallery here

Band on the Rec 2021
Many thanks to Beenham Wind Orchestra who gave a wonderful evening's entertainment of varied music on a pleasant summer evening.  Lots of villagers supported the event, bringing their own picnics or enjoying the beer from The Six Bells stand and burgers from the BBQ organsied by the PTFA.  A very enjoyable evening.  For a fuller description read here.

Supporting your BVE
BVE has a committee and enlists the support of other people, either to join the committee or to provide assistance in running events. For further information please contact please contact Pat Owen via e-mail patowen0@hotmail.com or by phone 0118 961 5860 or 07947 478840Regular activities in the Village (subject to Covid 19 regulations)
Beenham's Afternoon Tea Party is held on the last Tuesday of each month and is popular with all age groups within the village.  Come along to Beenham Club, Picklepythe Lane from 2 to 4pm for a chat, a cup of tea and a delicious slice of cake.  If you need a lift then phone Pat on 0118 961 5860 or 07947 478840 and something will be arranged.Greener Beenham
We all know how important the wider environment is to our health and well-being. Beenham residents are supporting a number of initiatives:

Take those difficult to recycle items along to the monthly market in the Victory Hall

Buy your eggs from local egg producers at the Victory Hall on Saturday mornings 10am to 1pm

In November 2020 Greener Beenham started their campaign to help local flora and fauna in the Parish.  Phase one saw a group of willing volunteers planting small saplings - provided by the Woodland Trust - of Silver Birch, Rowan and Field Maple. We managed to plant clumps of narcissi around the green along Church View, opposite the junction of Stoneyfield and Back Lane and Mallard Way.
We have attempted to start a wildflower verge along the footpath between Church View and Stoneyfield although we admit we are novices and this is just our first trial.
The Green Team includes Jane Liming, Pat Owen, Janette Hammond, Helen and Chris Apsey, Nathaniel and Cassie Hart; please support the idea of planting trees and wild flowers in our open spaces.

pictures of tree planting in Beenham

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